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A Manifesto: Stop Denying Reality

The Denial

There is a denial of reality in America and around the world. A denial that the God of the Bible exists as the only true God, Creator of heaven and earth. A denial that states He is not relevant to our lives today, at least no more so than the god’s of other religions. A denial that even if He does exist, His word is not without error.

Only Spiritual?

Oh, you say, that’s religion. Each person chooses what they want and whatever it is, that’s good for them. There is truth in that statement. Yes, each person must choose. There is also danger in that statement in the phrase “whatever it is, that’s good for them.” How so? If God exists and His word is true, then if we believe He does not exist we are denying the truth. To deny truth is dangerous. If we accept as fact things that contradict the truth then we are denying reality. Reality does not change, whether or not we believe it.

Also Practical

But, these are spiritual things, you say. To deny reality, bad as it may be, is nothing unusual where spiritual issues are in play. What practical difference does it make? Let’s begin with history, reaching all the way back to our origins. Our past and where we come from is practical knowledge. In Genesis, the first book in the Bible, God reveals Himself as the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He created plant and animal life, the apex of creation being man, set apart from the animal kingdom by being created as an eternal person, in God’s own image.

Where’d We Come From?

But, the denial of reality states this God does not exist, so we are foolish to believe what this nonexistent Person has written in the Bible. A different denial of reality gives token acceptance to God’s existence but does not trust that everything written in His word is literally accurate. The “creation” description, for example, where things are said to have been spoken into existence, might be labelled fanciful thinking, a mystical explanation for what really happened over millions and millions of years through happenstance and chance, probability and improbability, with the singular phenomenon of life astoundingly occurring and evolving over the millennia to lead to what we know here on earth as reality.

On a personal note, given the choice of whether to believe in creation via an all powerful, just, and loving God, or in a history of cataclysm and chance, the choice is easy: the God of the Bible. Therein lies relationship, meaning, purpose, morality.

Yet, the denial of reality takes different forms. Either God does not exist, or does exist but is irrelevant, or His word, the Bible, isn’t literally accurate in all it says. Therefore, we must rather believe and teach our children the alternate reality of evolution, of chance, of meaninglessness. This explanation does not require God in any way, so is “better,” more practical, more correct.

We’re Messed Up

Then there is the issue of sin. There is no need to argue all men have sinned. If God exists, and is relevant, and His word is trustworthy, one must accept the fact that the penalty for man’s sin, for his disobedience to the God who created him, was and is eternal separation from God. Man’s cause is hopeless, and all are doomed. Why? The holy and righteous God of the Bible must exercise justice. He cannot accept evil—it has no part in Him.

Speaking of doom, if the Bible is literally accurate in all that it says then we understand the extent of man’s sinfulness grew so great that the God of the Bible judged man by bringing a worldwide flood to purge the world of life and “start over” with Noah and his family. If you believe the Bible. If you believe God exists.

There Is Hope

This God of the Bible loves. He is a God of love Who requires justice. In His great love He did the unthinkable—executed justice on His own Son by punishing Him for man’s sin. He took man’s place and, as the sinless Son of God, paid sin’s price in full and was raised back to life, conquering death. Those turning from their sin and believing in Him will once again have communion with God forever. But, of course, God must exist. There is hope if God exists.

So What?

So what is reality? Does God exist? Is His Word true? We must acknowledge that if this God does exist, He must reveal Himself to us. While we see evidence of His magnitude, majesty, complexity, and design, it is impossible for us to accurately arrive at who He is. This is because as creator of all He is external to creation and outside our conscious mental ability to grasp. For Him to have a personal relationship with us He must reveal Himself to us. And so He did, through His written Word and through His Living Word—His Son. Given that He exists.

The choice is yours. Your eternal future depends on the choice you make. Is God real? Is His Word true? Investigate it. Compare the Bible to other literary works to see the overwhelming evidence of its veracity. The documentary evidence of it being legitimate dwarfs all the others. Is His charge against you accurate? Do you agree with Him? Do or will you forsake your way and go His way, trusting in Him?

It’s Personal

There is a denial of reality in America and around the world. It is critical that you know the reality you deny.

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