Normal Matters

Our "normal life" matters

Give Me the Key

What about keys make them so important to us? In a word: security. If we have something of import, we lock it up. We want to keep people out of our homes so we lock them up, both when we’re at home and away. We lock our cars. We have safe deposit boxes locked away […]

Alone But Not Alone

Is there a way to be alone but not feel alone? If there is, what is it? From personal experience, at least from the perspective of married life followed again by single life, I believe there is. After graduating with a four-year university degree, I married.  Then, just under a year later, a traffic accident […]

Time is a Canary

Why are canaries sometimes referred to as stoolies, pigeons, or tattle-tales? Because in mines they would “tell on” the presence of toxic gases before those gasses became lethal to the miners. How did they “tell on” the gasses? By giving their lives. They were sensitive to the gasses and would die before those gases became […]

Too Familiar

How “familiar” are we with God? Put another way, are we too familiar with God? It is certainly possible, but where does one draw the line? The answer depends on who God is, something He has revealed in the Old and New Testaments of the Biblical record. Old Testament In the opening paragraphs of the […]