Normal Matters

Our "normal life" matters

Priorities Are Normal

Normal life

  • Life happens. You deal with it. Daily.
  • The way you live reveals your priorities.
  • Priorities matter.

An example:

  1. Reading is important to you. You enjoy it. It is a priority.
  2. Because you read you’d rather read a book than watch a movie.  You don’t watch many movies.
  3. Your friends enjoy watching movies more than reading. They watch numerous movies.
  4. Conversing with your friends about movies is difficult unless you’ve read a book that was made into a movie.

From the example it is clear you would find it easier to converse with people who read than with your friends who do not. Hence, your priority of reading defines you, your activities and, to an extent,  your friends and those with whom you spend your time.

Let’s take this a step further:

  1. You love reading non-fiction, especially American history.
  2. You have a friend who also loves to read; fiction, especially science fiction.
  3. You relate to each other about your reading but only to the extent of telling each other what you have read.
  4. You’re not all that interested in your friend’s descriptions of the science fiction books she’s read.
  5. Your friend isn’t all that interested in hearing about all the history in the history books you’ve read.

So even though both of you have the same general priorities regarding reading, the different sub-priorities, or preferences, still affect your interpersonal relationships.

Wrap up:

  • Priorities define you, how you spend your time, and how you relate to others. They are developed and arranged and rearranged as you move through life.
  • Normal life is made up of normal matters consisting of normal activities inherently determined by individual priorities.

Want some examples of normal matters? Check out Wade’s content referenced in his About Me page.

About Wade Flaming

Wade is a both a writer and simulation software engineer. He grew up on a farm in the central United States and works as a contractor for a company writing aircraft simulation software. He enjoys writing software as well as observations of day-to-day normal life matters.

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  1. “Priorities define you.” That is powerful, Wade! Great post. I have never heard this particular view before, but it definitely rings true to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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