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Evolution. Is it “For Reals?”


Evolution. It is a theory presented as fact in the United States. It is taught in public schools. It accepted as the best, most understandable explanation of the origin of life and all that exists.


Evolution teaches that everything we know and experience is the result of an explosive event often referred to as, “the big bang.” Galaxies were formed. Matter coalesced. A minute amount of matter became the earth. There, in some curious way, life began. Single celled organisms became ever more complex as they adapted to changing environments. Over the aeons the adaptations continued. What we know and see today is the result.


Is this teaching plausible? As seen below, the fossil record, the law of complexity, and the existence of order declare the theory of evolution to be implausible; false.

Fossil Record

With the large variety of species in existence today it is reasonable to assume the existence of many fossils of species in transition. Yet, the fossil record reveals little to no evidence of trans-species life forms. Many fossils of individual species have been found, but very few, if any, of the “cross-species” variety. For something that is such a “reliable fact” there should be many more. The absence of fossil record evidence makes evolution so improbable as to be impossible.

Simply Complex

The evolutionary mandate that life forms change from less complex to more complex does not jibe with the law of complexity. It is not natural for complex things to become even more complex. The second law of thermodynamics, which states entropy in a closed system never decreases, also argues against the theory of evolution. Hence the required evolutionary stages of primitive to less primitive are so improbable they are impossible.

Order Everywhere

From the microscopic to the galactic there is order in the universe. The existence of order requires intelligence. The presence of intelligence implies a design, and a design demands the existence of a designer. The magnitude of the order seen in the universe requires a designer of cosmic proportions. The existence of an intelligent designer, however, is diametrically opposed to the theory of evolution, thereby making evolution impossible.

Impossible Acceptance

That this impossible theory is accepted, believed, and taught as fact is amazing. It has been accurately stated that it takes more faith to believe in evolution than to believe in the God of the Bible and His explanation of the origin of life and the universe.

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Wade is a both a writer and simulation software engineer. He grew up on a farm in the central United States and works as a contractor for a company writing aircraft simulation software. He enjoys writing software as well as observations of day-to-day normal life matters.

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