Normal Matters

Our "normal life" matters

Evolution. Is it “For Reals?”

Theory Evolution. It is a theory presented as fact in the United States. It is taught in public schools. It accepted as the best, most understandable explanation of the origin of life and all that exists. Synopsis Evolution teaches that everything we know and experience is the result of an explosive event often referred to […]

An Extreme Solution to Better Typing

Is there a better way to type? August Dvorak thought so, and in 1936 created his own keyboard layout featuring less finger motion, higher accuracy and faster typing than experienced with the QWERTY layout created almost 70 years earlier. The QWERTY layout takes its name from the first six letters on the upper left top […]

When Even Do-Overs Don’t Work

Keyboards. We all use them. Since I have found the “split” ergonomic keyboard the most comfortable, I ordered Microsoft’s new Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard and set it up, skimming through the quick start guide as I went. This was going to be good. Beautifully compact, yet full size. A separate numeric keypad so the mouse could be […]

Priorities Are Normal

Normal life Life happens. You deal with it. Daily. The way you live reveals your priorities. Priorities matter. An example: Reading is important to you. You enjoy it. It is a priority. Because you read you’d rather read a book than watch a movie.  You don’t watch many movies. Your friends enjoy watching movies more than reading. They watch […]